Your application will be accepted if the following criteria are met. Prospective students will only be issued with admission letters or enrollment certificates when all the documents and entry per-requisites mentioned below have been received.

The admission criteria involves the following: A completed form, Copies of your matric or high school

Examination certificates, Two certified copies of your ID or Passport, Two ID sized passport


Registration can be done through the FOUR prescribed methods provided below.

• Applying Personally

You can fill in the application form at the front desk at our campuses (please refer to the address pages) and hand in your application in person. If you are around Pretoria it will be advantageous to visit the campus to submit your forms in person. This will offer you the opportunity to see the college facilities as well as having any enquiries that you might have with the admission criteria addressed.

• Applying On Line

Online application is also one other avenue through which prospective students can use.

Students can send their applications via e-mail. Application forms can be downloaded on the College’s Website www.centrumtechnicalcollege.co.za or alternatively fill in our enquiry form online and send through the required information to info@centrumtechnicalcollege.co.za, attaching all necessary and required documents.

International Students

International Students Already In SA

Before applying for admissions, please read and understand the terms and conditions on the application forms. It will also be prudent to keep a copy of the filled application forms for personal record purposes. Once you have decided to apply for admissions and have chosen the course for which you want to apply please submit the following documents: A completed application form, copies of matric or high school examination certificate, two copies of your ID document or passport, two ID sized passport photographs, and Registration fee.

If you are in and around Pretoria, it will be advantageous to hand deliver your forms at Centrum Technical College campus. This will offer you the opportunity to see the college facilities as well as having any issues concerning the admission criteria addressed.